Drop Shipping

All About Drop Shipping

We at Pharma Express Shipping Ltd are dedicated to helping you provide low-cost yet quality medicines to your end customers. That’s why we’ve utilised drop shipping as the primary method of retail management. So what is drop shipping anyway, and how does it work?

Drop Shipping Defined

Drop shipping is a retail fulfilment method wherein you, as the merchant buys products from a wholesaler and has them shipped to your customers. Your customer’s orders are sent to their chosen delivery address directly from the wholesaler itself, without the products being handled or seen by the merchant.

What Products Can Be Drop Shipped?

Any kind of item can actually be drop shipped. Food, toys, apparel, medicines, and many other products can be sold to end customers by using drop shipping retail methods. In our case, we specialise in drop shipping medicines from top-notch Indian manufacturers and highly reputable pharmaceutical companies around the world.

Advantages of Setting Up a Drop Shipping Business

Starting up a pharmacy business is easier if you do drop shipping instead of investing in a brick-and-mortar store. It’s even easier if you partner with us as your drop ship fulfilled.

Here are some reasons to try drop shipping today:

  • Can Launch Pharmacy Business with Relatively Low Capital

Whenever you have an order to fulfil, that’s the only time you need to buy those particular products from us. You need not stock up on pharmaceuticals. There is no need to maintain an inventory. As a result, you do not need to spend on inventory maintenance or warehouse space.

  • Flexible Location

You can run a drop shipping pharmacy business anywhere with a laptop and a strong internet connection. You simply need the internet for you to track your own website and customers’ orders, buy the medicines from us, and then keep an eye on your customer’s shipment tracking (which will actually come from us and will be sent to you via email).

You need not worry about running a warehouse because you don’t have inventory products to look after and because your products are directly shipped from us alone. Hence, the location will not be a problem for your business.

  • An Array of Product Offerings

You can offer a wide range of products to your customers because you don’t have to pre-buy your items. In a traditional pharmacy setting, you have to purchase a stock of medicines first, so what you sell is limited only to what you bought. If you use drop shipping, you can sell more medicines because you don’t have to physically stock them in your store; you just order what your customer needs from us.

The Pharma Express Shipping Ltd Drop Shipping Process

Drop shipping typically follows a standard process. And here’s what to expect in Pharma Express Shipping Ltd’s standard drop shipping procedures:

  • You, as the merchant, display your product offers on your website for your customers to see.
  • Your customers then select the medicine they wish to purchase through your eCommerce website.
  • You solely decide how much to charge your customer for the medicine he intends to purchase.
  • Your customer then pays you through the payment portals you designated such as PayPal or credit card.
  • You place an order at Pharma Express Shipping Ltd for the products your customer ordered. We fulfil your orders and package them discreetly and safely, making sure that the medicine being sold is of high quality all the time.
  • We charge only the wholesale price to you. Whatever cost you decided to sell your goods minus the wholesale price from us becomes your net profit.
  • We drop ship the items directly to the delivery address your customer indicated. We also give you the customer’s tracking numbers via email.
  • The goods arrive at your customer’s doorstep. They wouldn’t know it was from us because your company’s information is what’s written on the packaging, not ours.


Shipping Options

Pharma Express Shipping Ltd provides drop shipping services not just into the EU and the USA, but anywhere around the world. Hence, we offer the following shipping options for your convenience:

  • EMS Shipping

EMS delivers your medicines to most countries abroad. EMS delivers within 4-14 days, with tracking numbers available after 24 hours from order placement.

  • Air Mail

They deliver your medicines anywhere in the world, at a cheaper rate than most shipping services. Air Mail delivery within 7-14 days and tracking numbers are made available 24 hours after order placement.

Track your orders at http://www.track-trace.com/post.

Drop shipping is a relatively new yet effective method of selling goods over the internet. Pharmacy owners can utilize our drop shipping services for safer and faster fulfilment of the customer’s orders. Provide your customers will high-quality yet low-cost medicine from us through drop shipping today.