Bulk Orders

Our company provides Generic and Branded drugs all over the world. We provide pharmaceutical products for the treatment of various medical conditions including Cancer, Hepatitis A, B and C, Erectile Dysfunction, Anxiety, Weight Loss, Hair Loss and many other serious and non-serious conditions.

Our company has its distribution network based in Hong Kong and Austria and we supply over 5,000 pharmaceutical products. We supply high-quality products that are WHO (World Health Organization)-approved. We also provide European Union-branded and US FDA-approved medicines.

We drop ship all over the world, and we also hold bulk drop shipping contracts from online pharmacies. We also offer specialised drop shipping options, depending on the client’s needs.

We have a team of specialists that are involved monitoring shipments to gather market intel on clearance events in all countries we ship to. Our parcels will be differently packed depending on the destination country and we will use different carriers to ensure best available clearance. Our company strives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction

We also team up with the best suppliers, who can provide us with Generic and Branded Medicines for the treatment of Cancer, Hepatitis C, Erectile dysfunction, and other ailments. We are proud in our commitment to serve our customers and grow with them.

Bulk supply is a growing market, especially in developing countries or countries with export restrictions from the country of manufacturing. We act as a 3rd party buyer and shipper in those cases to enable to sale in the first place.

Drop Shipping

We are confident in providing the needs of our clients in our bulk and individual drop shipping services. We have been doing business since 2015, and we can do our services cleanly and effortlessly as we don’t employ a middleman. We directly buy our products from the manufacturer and our company does the drop shipping service.

We keep stock of 5,000+ pharmaceutical products in our various warehouses. Moreover, we have valid certifications for the Import and Export, Wholesale and the dispensing of pharmaceutical items.

We are fully confident of our company’s capabilities to accommodate bulk and individual orders. As packing is professionally done, clearance is easy at all ports of entry. Thus, we are sure of our success rate, compared with other drop shipping companies.

To begin your individual or bulk orders, make and inquiry and send us details like your name, order ID, address, zip code and city, country, medicine name, shipping details, quantity, and strength of the medicine.


To avail of our bulk or individual services, payment is needed before we send out your orders. We also have various payment channels to make it easier for you. We accept payment via Credit Card, Bitcoin or Wire Transfer directed into one of our bank accounts.

Bulk order clients usually save a lot of money when they do business with us. Our company reserves the right to charge a deposit to begin such a partnership with you, depending on your requirements. For dropship customer offers, there is no need for a minimum amount.


What makes our company advantageous is that we won’t have any contact with your customer. You will be able to preserve your branding. We operate anonymously. Your business’s contact information and name will instead be included in the order forms and packing slips only if you require it. Upon receiving your order, it usually takes 12 hours to process. However, processing may take up to 24 hours but not over.

The time of delivery depends on the destination and the mode of shipment, whether it’s by standard post or EMS. Shipment times may range from 4 to 14 days after order placement. Usually, take between 4-12 business days for delivery. To know more about the shipment delivery and timing, please contact us.