Since 2015, we have been serving our customers around the globe with high-quality health care products, medications, and fast and efficient shipping service.

Our company conducts wholesale or bulk export drop shipping and retail drop shipping.

We serve pharmaceutical centres, online pharmacies, brick-and-mortar pharmacies, medical suppliers, and many other establishments that require our service.

We supply various kinds of generic and branded healthcare products.

We also have made it easy for online pharmacy owners to be relieved of the burden of shipping and stocking of goods, so they can concentrate on their businesses’ marketing aspect.

With thousands of generic products in our inventory, we can satisfy your pharmaceutical requirements.

We have been consistent when it comes to complying with our clients’ needs. Not only do we serve large pharmacies and online pharmacies, we also provide individual clients with their requirements and needs.

With high-quality medication and fair pricing, we have satisfied countless clients all over the world, with clientele in countries and regions like Southeast Asia, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In the near future, we look forward to serving clients in every part of the world.

Our primary market is Europe and USA.

We have our pharmaceuticals warehouses where we keep medications that are to be safely and directly shipped to your clients. We take utmost care in the packing of your orders, and we also have been highly regarded when it comes to medicine quality and shipping practices.

We keep a transparent business relationship with our clients, and we also employ a team of experienced and intelligent staff who take care of every facet of you parcel packing. Your orders are systematically and properly connected. We strive to do everything right for you and your customers, from the time of receiving orders until its final delivery to the customer.

Absolute discretion

Our company is anonymous to your customers. Your information is enclosed in all packaging labels and shipping orders. This allows you to ship pharmacy products anywhere in the world with no confusion or hassle. We will never communicate directly with your clients or mark packages with our branding or name.

Benefits of Drop Shipping

Our company provides the service, quality, and speed that your business requires. If you are considering other shipping options and suppliers for your business, let us tell you the reasons why our current customers rely on us and trust us to efficiently and easily deliver products.

Some of the benefits of using us to directly drop ship products to your clients include:

Significant energy, cost, and time savings

Our drop shipping service offers and easy and fast way to provide your clients with their required pharmaceutical products.

Absolute discretion

Our company is anonymous to your customers. Your information is enclosed in all packaging labels and shipping orders. This allows you to ship pharmacy products anywhere in the world with no confusion or hassle. We will never communicate directly with your clients or mark packages with our branding or name.

Significant profit margins

For your business to grow, we keep our costs down. Our reasonable shipping costs and bargain prices allow you to earn a considerable profit margin on each customer transaction managed through us.

Hassle-free and easy process

We do everything for you, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle stuff like packaging, stocking, shipping, tracking, or delivery. With our drop ship service, you are guaranteed an easy way to sell pharmaceutical products.

No shipping costs.

There’s no need for you to worry about shipping costs or communicating with the shipping companies or mail service yourself. If you wish, however, you’ll still get tracking information

Premium quality meds

All the pharmaceutical products we sell are of premium quality and manufactured according to World Health Organization (WHO) regulations.

Exceptional service

Our customer service is always ready to answer your concerns. If you or your customers encounter an issue with our delivery or products, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can satisfactorily address the problem.

Fast Delivery

We offer various shipping options for different locations. Such options are customized to your clients’ urgency and needs.

Guaranteed inventory

We guarantee that we always have in stock the items in our catalog.

Improve your bottom line, simplify your business, and send out pharmaceutical products effortlessly and quickly with our top-notch drop shipping service. Contact us to know more about our services or to set up an account.

How our Drop Shipping Service Works

Our drop shipping is not as complicated as many people think.

You sell our pharmaceutical products on your website, together with your chosen retail price.

As our products are on display on your website, buyers then visit your site and buy the medicines in bulk.

Buyers use a credit card or other payment options to pay for pharmaceuticals at the retail price you set.

You then forward your clients’ orders to Note that you pay our company at the wholesale price.

The difference between our wholesale price and the retail price you set for your customer is your net profit.

Our company packs your medicines discreetly in thick, brown envelopes, and we deliver them to your customers wherever they are in the world. When all goes well, your customer gets the order. Our customer service is on hand 24/7 to help you with your orders and drop shipping needs.

Easy Account Setup. You can choose the medicines you want to sell at your desired prices. Through your website, you can update it effortlessly with our pharmaceutical catalogues.

Quick Transactions. Your client checks your website and pays for their chosen products. Orders are then forwarded to us.

Effortless Integration. We make it easy for you to process and track your clients’ orders. This is done real time. Using our system, you experience easy integration to our processing network. Upon order receipt, we ship your orders within 48 hours to your customers.

Tremendous Growth. Customers – when they are happy with your quality and service – will become your repeat clients. You’ll be delighted with the increased business we can help bring to your business.

Options for Shipping

We ship out your orders through International Mail or Courier.

Via Air Mail:

  • Your orders are delivered through reliable shipping from various locations via Registered Air Mail. The prices are some of the cheapest in the world.
  • Delivery time is from 7 to 14 days.
  • Within 24 hours after order placement, we will provide you with your tracking number.
  • After your order reaches its destination, the status will be indicated and you can check it on depending on your clients’ countries.

Via Courier (EMS):

  • Your orders are delivered straight from India at the best competitive rates. We deliver to most parts of the world.
  • Delivery time is from 7 to 14 days.
  • After the placement of order within 24 hours, a tracking number will be provided.
  • You can check your orders’ status at with respect to your clients’ home countries.

The Pharma Express Shipping Ltd Advantage

When you order your pharmaceutical products from us, you only get the best in products and services. You customers get the best medicines from our 5,000+ products that are available.Due to our size we are able to offer the lowest drop ship rates in the world.

We do our business directly; there’s no middleman. Medications are also discreetly packed. There’s no minimum limit to the quantity of your orders. We also ship for free if your client doesn’t receive the medicines.

Best of all, we offer 24/7 real-time professional assistance. All your and clients’ data are kept in a virus-free and safe offshore server.


What We Offer – Top Reasons To Buy Pharmaceuticals From Us

We trade, distribute, and drop ship various quality generic medicines. Our medicines are acquired from renowned brands and we only deal quality pharmaceutical products.

Widest Selection

Our pharmaceutical catalogue is extensive. From weight loss to asthma and from depression to blood pressure, treatments, erectile dysfunction up to cancer treatments, we offer quality wellness-oriented solutions to our clients’ medical requirements.

Worldwide Shipping

Our orders can be shipped to destinations and countries around the world. To know more about delivery options in your region, feel free to get in contact with us. Once your orders have been dispatched, our company will inform you and give you the tracking details via email.

Discreet Packing

We guarantee that we can pack and send out your orders within 24 hours after placement. All orders are sent out in discreet packaging. We use professional packaging for every order and our unique knowledge about import restrictions to many countries helps us to achieve the highest possible clearance rates.

24/7 Customer Service

We are different from other drop shipping companies in the sense that we offer personal customer support. Our staff is fully dedicated towards customer inquiries and needs. We keep a good relationship with customers and are always happy to answer any of your inquiries.